Good Morning Digital: Intelligent Virtual Assistant Session

May 28, 2019 | 8h30-10h30 | Sopra Steria HQ, Luxembourg

Be Inspired: Learn. Develop. Do.

We all hear about new technologies, but how can they actually help your business and solve your problems? For this inaugural edition, Sopra Steria will go beyond the simple chatbot hype and present our approach about Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Being part of the Digital Customer Interaction journey, we will explain this concept and evaluate if and how it can benefit you and your business.


About NEXT Meetups

At Sopra Steria we understand that the rapid emergence of digital technologies can be overwhelming and represent major challenges at all levels in your organisation.  We would like to show you what is coming out on the market and how it can benefit you via a series of digital technologies seminars and demos at our offices in Leudelange. We will highlight how digital technology is applied and what it can do to improve your business.

For this inaugural edition, Sopra Steria will be presenting the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). What is it used for? How can it benefit you? Is it a real innovation or just a passing trend? Can you improve your user experience and customer service with a conversational agent?

What can you expect from these morning sessions?


Through presentations and demos, learn about the digital technologies and tools that we use


Understand concrete digital applications that can be tailored to your business


Network amongst your peers and our digital experts


08:30 am
With Michel Lorgeré and Marianne Dutriez
Kick-start the day with a powerful breakfast!
09:00 am
With Tristan Thillaye du Boullay
General introduction to chatbot. The essential keys in order to understand the solution.
09:15 am
Intelligent Virtual Assistant, the future of the chatbot
With Yves Yota Tchoffo
The new conversational interfaces (Chatbot, intelligent search engine, voice bot …)
09:30 am
Experience Zone 1:
With Asma Anoun and Tristan Thillaye du Boullay

Bank: The Robot Loan Officer (from SBS)

Experience Zone 2:
With Lola Botman

HR: Botify HR BENELUX (Sophia) and associated dynamic reporting (to go behind the scene)

Experience Zone 3:
With Baptiste Jachiet

E2E: Alexa/AXWAY : Interconnect Amazon Alexa with Axway API Gateway

Experience Zone 4:
With Gabriel Vanderweyen

Documentary: Intelligent Search at the heart of tomorrow’s system

10:30 am
Start your Day
Start your day with a bag full of ideas and inspirations and a full stomach.



Michel Lorgeré

CEO Sopra Steria Benelux

Marianne Dutriez

CEO Sopra Steria Luxembourg


Yves Yota Tchoffo

Digital & Innovation Manager Sopra Steria Group


Baptiste Jachiet

Head of DigiLab Luxembourg


Gabriel-Olivier Vanderweyen

Business Analyst

Lola Botman


Asma Anoun

Project Manager Luxembourg


Tristan Thillaye du Boullay


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